Mushi Pan

Mushi Pan with Sausage and Cheese

My Mushi Pan with Sausage and Cheese!

I found this lovely little recipe for mushi pan.  Mushi pan or Steamed bread, is sort of like a cupcake, but not at all.  It is light and fluffy with a hint of sweetness but can  be savory, as I tried today.  Sausage, cheese with some chili powder for a little zing, and wha-la, mushi pan! =)

There are so many different recipes for mushi pan, but this one looked amazing.  Matcha Mushi Pan.  I am a little obsessed over matcha or Japanese green tea power.  Though, I can never seem to find matcha, thus I will have to order online.

One step closer on my quest to immerse myself  in the Japanese culture and language from home!