Hello everyone!

I did not fall off the face of the earth, just busy, busy, busy!  I have been working on my hiragana, not as diligently as I should... (remember that thing that was holding me back?)  Well I figured if I wasn’t going to practice a lot then I should at least play a little game called BANG!

What is BANG! you ask?  It is a great game to remember items (glorified flash cards) that you can play with other people. It was introduced to me a while ago by a friend.  Here is a great (and kawaii) page explaining bang.  Over the past couple of days I made my cards, put them into a cup (no containers on hand) and played.  I modified the game and instead of putting BANG! on cards to indicate my cards had to go back, I put kanji.  Boy, oh boy, do I know mountain, mouth, and fish!  My husband, whom was ever so pleased to play, even learned a few hiragana, katakana and kanji.  Since I was starting to get some of the hiragana I figured I could put the katakana on the back to really drive home:   ア = あ .

Now all I need is to find some way to be able to type the hiragana and katakana on my english keyboard.  It gets really frustrating when I constantly have to find the hiragana and katakana online.

I also joined busuu (Free!) to learn more Japanese!  So far I am really liking the website.  They have some interesting lessons and even have a chat feature to help you learn the language!  I have not tried the chat with a native Japanese speaker yet, I do not feel experienced enough (and don’t have a keyboard that can type Japanese!)  Although some people have chatted with me.  Only one person so far who wanted “special” time, pervert. (or Henti in Japanese)

Hah, well thanks for reading!

Oh!  A special thanks to Mike for the link to his blog which has some hiragana and katakana practice!



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