So I must start with some questions first:

  • What did I  learn?
  • How did I feel about what I learned (was it frustrating? Easy? etc) so you can figure out what causes you trouble and focus on fixing that.
  • What I need to work on.
  • What I want to learn next.
  • (Thanks textfugu for the thoughts!)

The first thing to learn is hiragana.  I started Hiragana a couple of weeks ago (okay really a couple of months ago and then kicked myself in the butt to learn more since I forgot a lot.)  I am learning how to write to hiragana, as well as know what it means.

I have started with あ い う え お using this great site, japanese-lesson.com  It has a bunch of interactive things to start with.  I also stumbled upon this site called Nifty Kids while paroozing pintrest, (love) which has practice sheets on how to write hiragana.  The sheets are designed for kids, but I figure, I am on par with a kindergartener so.. I can do their work!(Did I mention it is cuter? (kawaii!)

So I learned: Hiragana a-o

I felt: happy!

I must work on: writing them more to learn them quickly and not forget!

I want to learn: The k and s series.

Hopefully the practice will pay off!



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